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Can Tablets Replace Laptops?

June 28th, 2017

Tablets have always been present in our society long before it was introduced into our society. There have been many science fiction stories such as Start Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey where tablets have been shown and operated on. They seemed like futuristic devices until the late 2000s where they became a viable alternative to laptops.

The first tablet was commercially available in 1989. Thereafter many manufacturers followed suit. These devices didn’t seem like game changers as they were very bulky and slow. Further the battery life was bad and people didn’t see fit to purchase one. They weren’t all that bad because it was a step in the right direction. It brought something new to the market even though it couldn’t replace a laptop. A laptop at that time was much slower and bulkier than today as well and it required lot of IT support as they were complicated.

Apple is credited with introducing and reinvigorating the tablet market. This all started when Apple was creating the iPhone. Initially Apple had planned for an iPad but the planes were scrapped in favour of the iPhone. When the iPhone was released, it was a revolutionary device that changed the landscape of smartphones.

The first iPad was released in 2010 to critical acclaim. It was very popular with record breaking sales. Like the iPhone before it, the iPad was a game changing device which peaked consumer interest. Soon afterwards, other manufacturers started creating tablets as well.

Even though the tablets were popular they weren’t exactly laptop replacements. Even though they were easy to use and navigate while being packed with features, there were certain limitations such as lack of a physical keyboard and all the apps that were available were mobile versions. Further tablets cannot be repaired like c repairs and didn’t have ports when compared to a laptop.Each year tablets started becoming more and more powerful while offering many new features. They were becoming very useful many popular PC apps were being ported. Still the lack of multitasking and desktop type features was not available.

Apple thereafter released the iPad pro which was touted as a laptop replacement. It brought a powerful processor with a magnetic keyboard to use when necessary. It was popular with creative professions that required drawing, painting and designing. Apple also released a 2nd Gen iPad pro which is more powerful than the previous model. It was benchmarked to be more powerful than laptops. Apple has currently scheduled a software upgrade that would bring it in line with laptops.

Even though tablets are not 100% laptop replacement, there are many things that can be done through the tablet. Some things are much easier to be done through the tablet than a laptop. The gap is closing and it would be completed much sooner than we expect.

How The Best Domestic Protection Service Is Provided

June 19th, 2017


The place we want to feel the safest and the most relaxed is undoubtedly our home. This is the one space in the whole world which belongs to us, which we have the freedom to create as we want to. Therefore, we want that space to be safe from others especially from harmful individuals all the time. This is where home security alarm systems in Brisbane come into play. Using such a protection structure is the best way of keeping our home protected throughout day and night. Since this is a good choice we have a number of companies which are offering this service. The best company will provide you with a home protection structure in the following manner.

Risk Assessment of the Property

If a company comes to your home to install a protection structure without even inspecting the property first, that will say a lot about them. Usually, a good company which is competent at what they do, make a risk assessment of the property to understand where there can be breaches to the protection. They get a lay of the land or rather the house, and see what kind of a protection structure should be used.

Installing the Necessary Protection Structure

Once the initial inspection of the property is done they will go ahead with security camera installation, alarm, motion detector and every other protection component installation too. You need to understand they do not go ahead and start installing these devices at random locations. They decide where to install which based on the risk assessment of the property they did at first.

Providing the Best Protection You Are Looking For

Once all the devices are installed and running, you have the protection you need to have as they will be keeping their eye on the information these devices provide. Though you may have access to the camera footage and such at home too you are not going to be at home all the time. However, these protection structure providers will be keeping a close eye on your property even when you are not around. Therefore, if there is some kind of a situation they will come to your property as fast as possible with the authorities.

Keeping the Protection Structure Up to Date

The best protection structure providers also make sure to keep your structure up to date. They will conduct inspection and the necessary repairs too to keep it performing in the best level.When all of these actions are combined together you get the best domestic protection service there is.