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Why The Thief And Other Crime Rates Is Have Increased In World?

May 6th, 2016

Religious people would tell the world is coming to an end. The devil is unleashing all its power to get hold of all the people and take then to hell with it. Whereas god is going to come to earth and take the pure souls to heaven. But, not everyone would agree with this. Looking into the problem closer it can be identified that the people have grown in several aspects. They need more money. There are several necessary evils. In the past, getting a tried was the only necessary evil. Now, having a place of your own, good job which pays well, a bank balance and several other commoditiesare necessary evils. This had increased the need for money and jewellery. These are the effective things to buy a place in society.

How to try stop?

When people have no idea how to reduce or earnmore money they will resort to committing crimes. This can involve selling drugs like Coke, meth and other drugs; selling from places; robbery. It is obvious people have CCTV security cameras in Gold Coast in their shops to avoid shop lifting and some other crimes. You can also find these security cameras in streets to monitor people. You can always install these outside your house if your neighbourhood is mostly deserted. These can not give you protection like an AK-47 or a pistol but they can give the power to see what’s go on. These camera footages can be also used as evidence in any kind of case in court. This is hard evidence for the crime and will be used to convict the crime.

What are the reasons?

People resort to these types of business and involved in these types of crimes due to several reasons. Peer pressure is the first reason for shop lifting. When going out for shopping with friends most of them are good but if you are having and companions they will have a negative influence on you. When they pressure you with your most priced prestige or how daring you are, most of the teens tend to compile to pressure. This can be also explained in terms of adult egocentrism. Teenagers have this unusual thinking pattern which makes them think they are safe from any kind of harm because they are unique. They do not think about the consequences of getting caught. Moreover, they think they will not get caught. But if they get caught, they will be fined or thrown in prison for certain number of days.

Poverty is the biggest reason of crimes. You are hungry, you will literally do anything for food. You have searched for jobs. You have literally begged in streets for money and went for jobs interview. You are broke and penniless. This will make any person to get involved in robbery. There are several other things that will make people rob such as social discrimination, social unjust, etc.