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The Know How On Shooting Time Lapse Videos

June 3rd, 2016

There are many variations in making a video. Many new techniques are been discovered and presented by many cinematographers. From the many variations that exist, the time lapse technique is one that’s not to be missed out on. This style of video is a composition of many hours of screen captures that is to be played back in high speed for merely a few minutes. This is called the time lapse effect. The basic principle of a video is the stitching up of multiple still photos that will be combined into a video. In short it signify a 5 hour video been played in high speed within 10 seconds. This article will be your very own instructional guide on how to shoot your own time lapse video. Amaze your friends and family by showing off your new cinematography skills.
Equipment needed for shootingOf course no doubt, it is a must to own a decent camera for this purpose. There are many ways of getting the shoot. Feel free to use the camera of your choice from state of the art DSLR cameras to IPhones. Nevertheless this article will be guide for all DSLR uses as well as mobile phone camera uses as the same principle will be applied for either type of camera. However it is important that the selected camera has the ability for manual exposure and manual mode of focus. If you are wondering about the auto mode of focus in obtaining the time lapse, it is possible to do so, however the quality is far more greater when shot in manual mode. A quality stable tripod is needed for the placement of your camera. A 3gopro stabilizer mount will be the most suitable if you are the adventurous type to be using a Gopro. The 3 axis gimbal for Gopro is flexible enough when filming those hard to reach areas and places that’s out of the way and will keep your GoPro recording horizontally without any shaky cam effects. Furthermore in addition there should be a remote device or if possible a laptop device with a good battery life or good power source. Setting up the camera and equipmentsMake sure you the camera is manual mode for capturing quality still photographs. It is best to always shoot in manual mode than auto. The captured photos need to be in the highest quality. Saving the basic JPEG mode would be sufficient. Once you have captured all of the photos in your desired time frame, combine all into one video and play it on high speed ratio.