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Be Connected, Indoors And Out

December 21st, 2015

What if your office and your employees are not desk bound all the time? What if their work takes them outside of the office, though not necessarily outside of the premises? In order to make one call last while you walk up and down within the various sections of your organization, including the areas of your building which are, not even in your building, your office needs to be equipped with a high quality outdoor phones.

Hybrex phone systems in Melbourne made and marketed by the Auto Telecom Company, which is a world leader in manufacturing the best telephony and information technology solutions. This is a brand that is synonymous with quality, and trusted and desired by many organizations in Melbourne.
Hybrex phone systems is one of our favourite products, which we have found to be trustworthy and reliable upon installation. The range of their products include outdoor phones and hi tech portable phones in addition to the standard office phones that they feature.

These handsets are packed with useful features which allow in easy handling of calls. The more advanced systems allow you to verify your callers, going to the extent of grouping your clients in to groups and providing you with pop up alerts on the statements that you should use when greeting a call originating from a member of such a group. Needless to say, this is your average caller identification methods taken to a whole new level of personalization.

Such high quality in communications will benefit your staff by making it easier for them to deal with your clients. The assistance thus provided to your staff, will most unlikely go undetected by your clients, who will be truly impressed by the service quality of the individuals who make up your business. With prompt personalized attention being delivered to each of your clients is a sure winner for your entire establishment.

Our services go above and beyond the mere installation of handsets. Should you incur any defects in your communication systems which calls for after sales service, we are just a call or an email away from you? We guarantee our best and quickest service in restoring your communication networks back to their intended state, because no one understands the need in ensuring zero downtime like we do. Whether it is a failure with a handset, or a short coming in the PABX system, or even if it is a malfunction that is attributed to a software component that should be running within your systems, our highly experienced and experienced repair team is at your service, twenty four hours a day, each and every day of the year, in ensuring that whatever aspect ails your system will be rectified expeditiously.

Building A Sense Of Community In Your School

December 16th, 2015

Your school in Western Australia is a well known one, with a good reputation for being strong academically and your students are keen and conscientious. You have noticed the school spirit lagging a bit recently and students seem to be involved in little cliques depending on their ethnic origin and family background. You now want to bring the school together and build a sense of community and oneness. How do you go about it?

Things that unite
Find things that unite your school together. You can for example host musical events where students showcase their musical talents and come together as a student body. You can encourage their diverse tastes in music and help them to appreciate what may be unfamiliar to them. You can also perhaps have a cultural day, where students dress up in different cultural costumes and bring food to share. You can also get a mobile app development, Perth has companies that can generate an app for your school, where messages and ideas can be shared and you can help students and the staff to communicate with each other on a regular basis and help build those relationships.

Student Council and forum
If your school already doesn’t have a student union or a student council, you can encourage students to form one so that their points of view can be heard and they will be able to relate to each other more closely. The student body can also host various friendly matches and movie nights and a games night, where students can get together more informally and build that rapport that will unite them more.

More communication
You can also encourage more communication among the students, staff and parents both informally and formally. Parents open days and forums where parents, students and staff can openly discuss things that are important to the school community will also bring that sense of community. In addition to the mobile app development Brisbane best companies can do for you to suit the exact needs of your school, which will help your school community to keep in touch with each other and be well informed about what’s going on in your school.

School spirit
Promote the school spirit by organising sporting events and hosting other events that will help your school to come together in friendly competition with other schools in the area. As students take pride in being in your school and come together as a body in cooperation with each other, it will help them to have that sense of community and belonging together and they will be able to stand as one in unity and be loyal to their alma mater, not just now, but in the future too! For more info about app development for school, visit this site.